Have I said how much I love to knit socks?

ImageIt’s funny – a few short years ago – like maybe 2 I started knitting socks. Now I’ve been knitting for almost 30 years – never took a class – completely self-taught, but I always felt that socks were kind of beyond my skill to understand. All those needles (5 of them!) and such tiny sizes – size 2, size 1 size 00??? What the heck is a a size 00 even? Kitchener Stitch?? Whaaaat?

A couple years ago I heard a rumor that you could knit socks with a circular needle – one really long circular needle. And start at the toes!! See, that’s the beauty of the internet – you sometimes stumble across things you never knew existed. So I decided to give it a try.

I managed… sort of. I stopped by a local yarn shop during one of their stitch and bitch nights and a very kind lady there explained the process to me, helped me pick out a needle and showed me a really cool cast on. Then the night was over and I was on my own. I never went back – I could never make the hours work with my schedule, so I plowed through on my own. I made a couple pairs of socks – not great ones, but wearable.

In the course of the next 2 years I moved back here to Wisconsin and quit smoking. BAM! Just decided that I didn’t like the taste anymore and put them down. Consequently I had a lot of hours and nothing to do with my hands. It wasn’t that I wanted a cigarette especially – but I was BORED and I needed something to occupy my mind and my hands.

So I found a yarn shop here in WI that offers classes and that HOWDY – that was it. The real start of my passion for socks. I made 2 pair in class and so far 2 additional pairs. Now I feel much more secure in my sock-making skills.

Except for one thing: I found out that I knit backward! But that’s a story for another time….