Until they go wrong, of course….


Take a look at the sock on the bottom. Pretty snazzy, huh? And it’s a lovely yarn by Claudia and Co in a colorrway called Tropicana.

Now look at the sock on the top. Also by Claudia and Co – this one called Kelly Girl.

A lot of the same colors, no? Greens, pinks, yellows – beautiful sunny colors! On the skein they looked like they might go well together because there was only one skein of each. Well, the colors are okay, but the striping pattern – that’s another story. The Tropicana falls in narrow stripes that change often. The Kelly Girl not so much. No, Kelly Girl decides she will form wider stripes. Its lovely- watermelon-y stripes and I love them, but they do not go with Tropicana.

So now I’m sunk. My only option unless I ant to look like a crazy homeless person is to rip them both out and find a base color to combine them with.

Oh well… the boys still love me, even if my socks don’t match… I think.