Knitting at night

I know a couple who love to go camping. They are very dear friends of mine and the girl half is very (VERY) clumsy. She can keep right on walking even when her feet roll over and she’s walking on her ankles, but she can’t walk a straight line to save her soul. It really is funny – she as clumsy as a ballet dancer trying to walk down a city street.

To help save her life her hubby bought her a headlamp for walking about after dark – like to (pardon my indelicacy) pee. There are no lighted bathrooms in the Adirondack’s and she always seems to have to pee at 2am. She loved it and and is now on her third – that’s how much she’s used it (and fallen to break them).

I always thought they were really cool, but didn’t have much use for one since I don’t camp or bike ride at night. I could use one while walking, but our apartment complex is well lit, and I tend to stay on the circle here. But I have a new passion that I’d like to practice after dark, one that required the use of both hands, so use of a flashlight would be cumbersome. And I don’t want to string lights around my patio – no place to plus them in first, and I just don’t want a lot of lights glaring down on me when I’m peacefully sitting outside in the evening.

Just take a look at that neato item on my head – a sweet little headlamp! For what you ask? Need you ask? So I can knit at night!

Crazy, no?