Swatches, how I love ya, how I love ya

Well – not really. At least not until I learned how important a step to successful knitting they are, anyway

Ah the old days…
Buy Yarn
Buy (or find in the house) needles
Cast on

So simple. And garments that looked totally crappy.

Oh, I wore them. I remember that, when I was in college my Sister-in-law knitted a sweater – I think it was supposed to be for my father? Mother? Somebody… Anyway that thing hung down to my knees, it was tight and yet completely misshapen. But I wore it. Nearly every winter day (it was Tucson, Arizona – it wasn’t that cold) for almost 5 years.

I remember a sweater I knitted when I first moved to upstate NY. Hung on me like a gunny sack. But I wore it until it wore out.

I don’t like to waste things.

But it turns out that, by not checking my gauge – not learning how to – I wasted so much time and yarn – far more than a few little 4×4″ squares would have – in making garments that were ugly. And it really is so easy!! (

So this little guy in the photo (like my blocking mat? I don’t know what princess she’s supposed to be but she comes in handy!) is a swatch for my next big project – another sweater for Becky. This time we reversed. She picked out the pattern and I picked the yarn. This is Valley Superwash from WEBS ( in a beautiful dark magenta. This yarn is very soft and lovely – I can’t wait to work with it – but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to check my gauge!

Yeah – I know I’ve written about this before, but it’s important! It’s thrifty! It’s therapeutic – nothing more relaxing than breaking out the needles and some pretty yarn and whipping off a nice 4×4 square in stockinette…