Ripping back….. a-gain

photo(4)Now isn’t that pretty? It’s really nice leaf pattern from Spud and Chloe’s Folkstory Cardi pattern. I’m making one for Becky out of lovely Valley Yarns Suprewash. Oh! So soft! And really lovely colors.

Too bad it didn’t look like this all the way around.

You see – I have a confession to make: I have a problem with pattern knitting. No matter if I work from a chart or from text, I can’t seem to knit in pattern for a sustained period.

I haven’t nailed down the issue yet. I’ve never really knit in anything more complex than a rib, so I’m really a novice at this. I’ve done a few socks in patterns on the leg portion, but even those were rocky. I’d get off count and my pattern would just go awry – to be fixed again on the next repeat. I never bother much with socks if I get off pattern – nobody’s going to see it but me. But a sweater is a whole ‘nother animal. Especially a sweater for someone else – and a pattern she chose.

One thing I’m going to try – not sure if this will help, but I’m going to try an actual pattern map. This sweater has 233 stitches cast on and the pattern is a 10 stitch repeat + 3. I should be able to create some sort of map that I can use to keep track of my progress across the row. It’s only the knit rows that are a problem – opposite rows are all purl.

So research…. I must do research! You see – all those years working in libraries WILL come in handy. If I can do anything it’s research!