digital scrapbook page

waterfall digital page


I like to scrapbook – been doing it for years. I love to take pictures and preserve them on cool-looking paper. Not a big one on embellishments – but I’ve always liked the process.

But things they are a changing….

The page above was done digitally, using Photoshop Elements. These days, since all my photography is digital (no – I’m not one of those throwbacks who pines for the days of analog, manual cameras. The only analog I still use is a Fuji Instax) and I pull everything into Lightroom to keep organized. I can grab any photos I want, pull in downloaded paper and embellishments and WHAMBAMTHANKYOUMAAM I have a scrapbook page. A page that I can choose to print or just serve digitally from my iPad to the Apple TV in the living room where it displays in brilliant color on my big tv. Apple fangirl? Maybe – but my tools serve me, whether it be the Mac, the iPad or the Apple TV. Plus it makes my scrapped pages so much more portable and share-able. Want to see my Maine vacation? Here – let m grab my iPad and we can look at it – maybe even to music! Rather than haul a big, heavy book along – and what if somebody wants to see Nick’s wedding, not Maine? I’ll have to drive home and get the other book….


Around Yale College

They can be simple like this one – which is just a photo on background paper with a drop shadow and a couple little swirls.

Milwaukee Skyline background paper

Milwaukee Skyline background paper

You can make your own backgrounds… this one doesn’t have any photos on it yet, but it was created from a photo that I took.

Around Moosehead Lake Maine

Around Moosehead Lake Maine

Or they can have several things going on – different photos, frames, tabs and a square of background on which to place a journaling square when this get printed (I like to journal in my own handwriting on at least one page in every book that I do. So much so that I’m considering creating a font from my handwriting.). And the best thing is, if you purchase a digital kit, embellishment, frame, ribbon – whatever – it’s yours forever. Unlike the physical ones they don’t get ‘used up’. If you have some favorites (and I do), you can use them over and over, maybe change the color next time, or make it smaller or larger – you don’t have to keep buying more. And you can size any photo or embellishment to fit. You aren’t locked into printing 4×6 and either cutting them down or using a big honking photo when you might want a row of 2×2 for a cool border treatment or grid.

So now I’m at a crossroads. I really prefer to scrapbook digitally these days because my real passion has moved on to knitting (like y’all couldn’t figure that out from this blog, right?). I’d rather finish a second sock, a second sleeve or sew the seams of a sweater and weave ends than drag out all the scrapbooking supplies and create pages.

And I don’t quite know why….

Is it because knitting, while it can be complex in regard to stitches and patterns and technique is really simpler than scrapbooking? I mean, to knit I need yarn and needles. Maybe a couple stitch markers and some waste yarn – but that’s pretty much it. It’s portable – until a sweater gets too big for one of my Vera Bradley knitting bags (now that I don’t go to an office to work I no longer have to carry my whole life in a bag anymore, so the Vera’s have been relegated to very pretty knitting bags!) – especially socks. And it’s social – grab that bag and go to a Stitch and Bitch at the drop of a hat. You can’t do that with scrapbooking. Oh, I know they have social crops and scrapbooking weekends – I’ve been on a couple, but I always forget something. There’s just so much gear! Paper trimmers, punches, background paper, brads, flowers, glitter, stamps and stamp pads, photos, beads, embellishments of every kind – no wonder most of the people who attend these things come in with 2 or sometimes 3 rolling luggage’s full of stuff – and that’s before anything even gets created! I know one woman who prepares for an entire week for a scrapbooking weekend! How is that any fun?

I also tend to be an impulse buyer. Remember that post a ways back about all my sock yarn? None of it was bought with any particular project in view – just another pretty pair of socks. But that stash is down by 4 skeins in the interim because I’ve finished 4 pairs of socks. I know the yarn will get used. Not so scrapbooking stuff. I have bin upon rack upon container of ribbons, embellishments, sparkle, paper and every manner of stuff you can think of. I have punches – because, if you want a particular shape, you buy a punch – then it hangs around whether or not you ever use it again. I have a die-cutting machine because I thought that would be easier – it wasn’t. I have an electronic die cutting machine because I can hook it up to my Mac – I thought that would be less expensive because I could print anything from my computer – until I read the fine print and found that you can ONLY print a very specific format and graphics have to be converted to it – and that is a rather time-consuming project. At this point in my life I think I’d rather spring for the $25 skein of beautiful sock yarn that will make a lovely, warm pair of socks (and who doesn’t need those?) that I or the person I made them for will have to enjoy for a long time than a lot of crap that’s just taking up space in my little apartment.

So my sister-in-law is about to become very rich. I’m going to gift everything – except the projects that are currently in process – to her. She has a home business – she makes the most wonderful, humorous cards. She’s nearly worn out her die cutting machine and she’s in constant need of paper and embellishments. So all of this:

scrapbook stuff

scrapbook stuff

is soon going to be taking a ride across town. And do not think the furniture is immune. I talked this over with my niece last night and she wants to relieve me of the desk and shelf units.

I now proclaim myself a Digital Scrapbooker! (wondering if there’s a theme song or mascot….?)


or is that a knitter who digitally scrapbooks? or…..