Ahhhhhh Silk

My, aren’t they pretty?

I LOVE silk! I love to wear it, I love to sew it, but I’ve never KNIT with it before. For some reason, though I was drawn to these.

These are some yarns that I got on my Montana trip. They are incredibly soft and have such a lovely sheen that I’m almost afraid to knit with them! If you’re not a maker you may not understand, but it’s that thing where something is very beautiful and has so many of the attributes that you enjoy you’re afraid to mar it in some way by altering it’s form. Afraid you’ll ruin it.

And besides – what would I make??

Hats – a possibility, but it would not be an especially warm hat as these are fingering weight yarns… But, since I have so little hair I could make some summery hats.

Mittens/gloves? Um… no. Probably not durable enough for that.

Socks? Probably not. They would feel wonderful but again, see above.

Sweater/top? At ~400 yds each not enough for anything like that. At least not to fit me! 🙂

Which leaves the shawl/scarf category. That’s what my Ravelry friends are suggesting. And it seems like at least one of these will wind up as a shawl, it’s just – how many shawls does a girl need? Of course, how many knits does anyone need (outside of socks – you can never have enough hand-knit socks)?

I suppose Hitchhiker would be a pretty one for the pink… But it calls for more yarn than is in that skein. Hmmmm. That’s usually my problem, though. I like big shawls that I can wrap around myself. I wear a shawl if I’m cold – not as a fashion statement. In fact I completely pass over pretty much ANY pattern that has ‘-ette’ at the end of the description! Shawlette? Give me a break! I couldn’t wrap most of those around my left arm!

I’ve already selected Skein of Geese for the blue one from Raven Ridge. It reminds me of the patterns that geese make as they fly though the autumn sky. I like that triangluar eyelet detail.

Then there’s the blue from Mountain Colors. That’s a bit heftier than the ones from Raven Ridge – those might be okay as house or bed socks. Three years ago I would never have said the words ‘Sock’ and ‘Silk’ in the same sentence and now I’m contemplating that very thing!!  But I have really tough toenails and, even though I keep them trimmed and filed the toes would be a major concern for me. (although I could do a turbo toe but, with the silk content I don’t know if it would be stretchy enough)

What should I knit with my silks? Or should I just pet them for a while and see what they say to me?

Good problems…. I like good problems.