Oh, and there there was that thing about Sock Club…

fullsizeoutput_72dThere are 27 skeins of sock yarn in this holder…. For socks. Only socks. And that ain’t even all of ’em….

I get a little out of control when I’m confronted by pretty yarns (or sales). I figure – well, it’s just a skein of sock yarn and I always need socks.

I started wearing only handknit socks about four years ago. They were the first thing I learned to knit properly and I had a goal of getting rid of all ‘production’ socks. I did that – and as a result I have healthier feet!

Plus, when I go into a yarn shop, especially a new one, I feel a little guilty if I don’t buy something. I mean – I want to support the local business and, since most Yarn shops are also women-owned enterprises I also support women in business. Win-win.

But, at ~$25 a pop I can’t buy enough of one yarn to make a sweater for me. I’m not exactly a toddler two! I’d love to be able to be one of those people who only needs 900 or so yards of fingering yarn to make a sweater. At an average of 425 yds per skein that’s about 2 skeins. Expensive, but well worth it. I need more than double that – so it quickly goes out of the realm of possibility.

But socks are another story! I probably have the most pampered feet in town. I wear cashmere. I wear silk blends. I wear pure, soft merino wool. But, my feet are mostly slogging around the house all day in moccasins. I work form home, so I wear slippers or soft shoes most of the day. So I indulge myself when it comes to sock yarns.

And it has turned me into an addict! ‘Hello, my name is Jude and I’m addicted to Sock yarn…’

I’ve been told that there’s no cure.



One thought on “Oh, and there there was that thing about Sock Club…

  1. Viva hand knit socks! It’s okay, I have an addiction to sock yarn too, but as my friend so aptly pointed out the other day: “better sock yarn than…you know, meth or something”


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