I used to think I was a little nuts…

Now I know that I’m certifiable. Off the deep end. One-flew-over-the-cookoo’s-nest gone.

Why would you say that about yourself, Jude? You may ask.

I don’t know if you remember this sweater:


Not a great photo, but you get the idea. This is destined to be my next favorite sweater. I rarely knit pullovers – I like the option of stripping a layer or twelve when I get one of them ‘power surges’, but this one is not so heavy. It’s knit in a lovely DK weight Berrocco Vintage that is very soft and has great color (I’m still waiting for light to take a decent shot – every weekend has been gray and cold).

This was a test knit for one of my favorite designers. I love that her sweaters have nice shapes and textures – not just a couple hundred acres of stockinette. I love her details – like the pockets (which I may have to line because they do look a little droopy). I also like that, in the right colors her garments would feel just as at home in a bowling alley (although I doubt that Lori bowls :D) or as business casual. I actually plan to wear this with a button-down shirt to a meeting next month.

So why does all this make me crazy?

Because – on the very throes of finishing this test knit sweater I’m doing another!!

HOLY CRAP, BATMAN! You really ARE nuts!

The new one is by Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts. I’ve always liked her designs and I just couldn’t resist when she put out a call on Instagram for test knitters. You see – this is what I get for following so many knitwear designers on social media! Designers and yarn companies – indie dyers, too. Remember a couple days ago I was bemoaning my tendency to buy random skeins of sock yarn? Well, I also have a sad habit of buying sweater quantities of clearance and sale yarn. I swear that, if my LYS knows I’m coming they pack the clearance shelves with all my kryptonite!

So, when I saw the call, I quickly checked my stash to find 2 sweater lots of Cascade 220 just waiting for a sweater. Now all I need to do it chose pink or blue (yes – I actually said that). The pink is a really pretty marl called Cameo – I don’t think they make that line anymore (it was called Quattro) and the blue is a beautiful hue with a hint of lavender called Delphinium.

Nice problem but geeze! I need to knit faster!


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