Okay – I’m just going to get this out of my system…


Whew! That was intense. But seriously, this is seriously soft, squishy yarn. I’ve kind of steered away from cashmere for socks because I never felt that it was durable enough. This stuff might prove me wrong. (I hope so because I’ve told my feet about it and they are going to mutiny if they don’t get some).

My only previous experience with cashmere was with Handmaiden Casbah. Lovely yarn. I had gotten a skein as a bonus add-on during a sale at an online store. The colorway was called Glacier – lovely aqua blues that went to grays. I made a cowl and matching mitts (I love fingerless mitts – that’s where most of my ‘extra’ yarn goes when I’ve finished a project). It’s so soft and luscious! But very limp. Perfect for a cowl as I don’t like thick stuff around my neck, but would never stand up to socks:


I love this little cowl so much! I’m going to have to make this pattern again – maybe out of some of that lovely Raven Ridge… But I digress…

The Caper is the same blend – Merino/Cashmere/Nylon, but it just feels a little beefier to me. Maybe I’m wrong- my hands are notorious for lacking feeling (all those surgeries – but that’s for another time), but it just feels a bit more substantial. Could be the twist.

The reviews for it seem very mixed – while everyone loved working with it (save for a few folks who had problem skeins) there were some whose socks wore well and some that did not. And the newest review is almost a year old. But, one thing I’ve learned about online reviews – there are generally more negative reviews than positive ones. For some reason people think of it as a forum to log complaints – but rarely for compliments.

So I’m torn. Socks, yea? or Socks, Nay?

I’ll keep you posted (after I finish the current crop of 7 sock WIP’s)…