Okay – no excuses….

I’m just going to share all the stuff that’s happened since my last post in bits and pieces. There’s really no other way to do it 😛

Let’s just start with the first thing that consumed the entire spring for me: SEATTLE! Gosh but I love it there – enough to put up with the rain and move. But I know it would not be either practical or affordable. I’ve been talking to Becky about it for a while now, because I think she’d be a natural in either Portland or Seattle. Lots of activity, the freshest seafood EVER and lots of places to hike and run. For me – lots of yarn shops, natch! So we decided to plan a trip out there together. She’d drive out from Missoula and I flew in from MKE. Since this was a long flight (nearly 5 hours) and I could afford it I decided to go First Class. Big difference! Holy schmoley! They still serve a meal, on plates with cloth napkins and free drinks. I haven’t been treated like that since the old days, when flying was special and you actually got dressed up (like Sunday best dressed up) to do it. Of course, there really wasn’t a ‘First Class’ section back then – not for a few years anyway. You always got a meal and you always got at least 1 drink. 

That was taken out the window…

It was an awesome week! Sushi on a conveyer belt, pizza that was way too spicy, shellfish that you beat into submission with a mallet, more sushi and even a trip to Red Robin (another company that I did not know had it’s origins there).

 All that fantastic food! 
Yeah, we did the touristy stuff – top of the Space Needle, Dale Chihuly Glass Museum and Garden, Ferry ride to Bainbridge Island (there was an actual purpose for that…), Pike Place Market..

Plus, Becky got to do a run and visit Runner’s World and REI. I got to about 6 yarn shops and we went to Mt. Rainier National Park. And the ferry ride to the Island took me here: 

Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Really cool Island burger joint

Now the trip to Mt. Rainier was great! You can see that mountain from most of Seattle – it’s just there, y’know? You’ll be driving on the freeway and round a bend and WHAM – there he is! And he was visible most of the time, rather than wreathed in clouds, so we decided to go out. Of course is was foggy when we started. We were driving along and you couldn’t see much further than 50 feet from the car in any direction. Becky was ready to turn back, but I kind of said ‘hang on – let’s see if it clears’ (because the same thing happened the day we went to Glacier). Sure enough, about half-way up to the visitor center the skies went bright blue and the views were spectacular. Now, this trip was the end of May/begninning of June and there was still a 12 ft snowpack on the slope next to the visitor center. Now I understand those old photos of Sun Valley and people skiing in shorts! 

That was fun and beautiful!

View from the top of the Space Needle

Houseboats on Lake Washington

Dick’s ‘Life Changing’ burgers

Biscuit Bitch – it’s a thing

View from the ferry



The Fremont Troll

Beer – it matters

I only wish I had been feeling better – we could have done so much more! But I was suffering from (I later found out) severe bronchitis – nearly hacked up a lung! 

But, even with that – gosh it was fun!

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