The next exciting thing…

I had a visitor!!

Kari comes to WI

Kari came for a visit in July! You know, when you’re separated by distance you don’t realize how much you miss someone until something whops you upside the head. All the Facebook and email just can’t replace talking to someone, seeing their face and giving them a hug. I’m a firm believer in hugs, but the way. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.

So, when Kari came for a visit to my little WI world I was determined to show her as much as I could in the few days we had. So, when I picked her up from the train station in Chicago, rather than going to the freeway I decided to travel all the way up Lake Drive. We saw some really interesting things. Like this temple (?)


I turned a corner and it was just there. Totally unexpected in a northern Chicago suburb, but beautiful!

Also on the way I had to take her past the SC Johnson Co in Racine. Yes, the Frank Lloyd Wright building. We didn’t go inside (I actually have never been inside. Someday…), but we did check out the theater…

And also the lakefront…


One day spent driving and hanging out in Door County – even took the ferry to Washington Island. I was hoping to stop at the shop at Siever’s School (fiber arts – weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting… lots of classes!) but they were closed when we got there. It was pretty dark and rainy, too. On the way back to the dock Kari went for a short hike to a small beach and brought me back some pretties! And the views were awesome.

And the clouds broke on the way home gifting us with a rainbow…


Unfortunately I only got one decent shot at Devil’s Lake State Park. Kari went on a climb along the bluffs that surround the lake.


All too soon it was time for her to leave. On the way back to Chicago and the train station we made one final stop at Illinois state Beach. What a desolate place that it! Probably nicer when the weather is better, but when we were there it seemed mighty deserted. I wouldn’t want to go there alone…


I hope she comes back for another visit! I was so wonderful having her!