The Bees need our help!!

I’m devoting my post today to the wonderful and talented Samantha Troia. Sam and her family are the geniuses behind Bumblebee Acres Farm – indie dyers and caretakers of a lovely flock. I’m a huge fan of their work, which is why I’m sharing this with all of you.

Help Sam

Hello All My Fiber Friends!

This is Sam Bee here, writing to you to ask you all for your help this Holiday Season.

As you may know, being self employed comes with many struggles. This year we have worked harder than ever, and as a result we have brought more joy to all of you, and many others, through yarn and fiber. We are grateful and blessed for the opportunity. From the bottom of our hearts, thank your for all of your love and support this year.

It is in the spirit of love that I write this email to you, asking you for just a little more help during the season of giving…

Some of you may know that I am a Type 1, or Insulin Dependant, Diabetic. Your can read some of my story here. I have struggled for nearly 15 years with the constant ups, downs, and side effects of diabetes. Finally, the medical community has released a medical advancement that will allow me to sleep through the night without fear of not ever waking up again, help regulate me to the point where I no longer worry that each high glucose reading brings me closer to losing my eyesight, limbs, or other organs.

The problem is that my insurance does not cover the cost of this new Insulin Pump and Continuos Glucose Monitoring System that will change my life, so I am asking all of you for just a little help. Purchasing my “Joyful & Cozy” Patterns  costs you only $5. I know this is a good handful of money, but it will give me a night of sleep, a target blood sugar reading, or even another day designing patterns or simply being alive. If you could part with $3, $10, or even more… you can donate here .

Thank you for your time, your support, and your continual love. I would not ask this of you if I did not truly, desperately need it.

All the love always,


Please help if you can…

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