I keep doing this, don’t I?

LOL!! Every year I say I’m going to write more, and every year I log in to see that another year (or more) has lapsed between posts. Well, here’s something new – how about I just write when I feel like it.

So, I was relating a kind of funny origin story the other day and I thought y’all might enjoy it.

I was born on October 11, 1955 – a birthday that I share with an absolutely incredible lady: Eleanor Roosevelt.

I have no such claim to fame. I’m just me, but I was born under rather hilarious circumstances.

I am the youngest of three children of Ruth and Harvey Dettmann. My two older siblings are boys – Terry who was born in 1947 (and who has his own funny birth story which I’ll share at some point), and Greg, born in 1950. Terry clocked in a around 7 pounds, Greg over 8  – I was 5 – barely. I was a tiny baby from all accounts, which probably explains what happened.

Late at night on October 10th Mom started having indigestion and back pain and asked Dad to take her to the hospital. The boys were staying with Gramma and Grampa, so Dad got up, put Mom and her bag in the car and drove her to Deaconess Hospital. They never even took her to a room. ‘You’re fine Mrs,. Dettmann – that baby isn’t due for another week. Go home and get some rest.’

So Dad took her home.

For an hour.



Finally on the fourth trip – right around 3 am on October 11th, just as the nurse was telling her the same story, Mom sits up and yells at her ‘You’d better take me up right now, or I’m going to have this baby right here!’

I was born in the elevator. on the way up to the delivery room. They say I almost squirted right out onto the floor but luckily the doc caught me.The time of my birth on my birth certificate is 3:44 am.

Here I am with Terry – who was 8 – so you can see I’m fairly little…


One thought on “I keep doing this, don’t I?

  1. Lol at your mom! She knew what was happening! My brother, also number 3 came faster than expected, too. But it was my dad that caused it. Mom woke him up, said it was time to go. He showered and shaved!! She kept at him to hurry up, and got us up and ready, they dropped us at my grandparents on the way, and eventually made it to the hospital in the nick of time. 😉 He thought he had oodles of time because the last two took longer. 😂😂


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