And then there’s this


So this happened. A brand new, shiny toy. I’ve been finding myself wanting to work on my computer, but not wanting to sit at the desk. I’m here 8+ hours every day working – I need a break from this area. Not that I want to lounge on my Lazy Boy and slurp beer while I write my blog – although that isn’t a bad idea. I just want to get away from The Desk. So, since my dislike for all things Windows is so well known I thought I’d get a MacBook Air. Isn’t it pretty? It’s like a shiny piece of jewelry. And I pimped it up, too – 16 M memory and a 1TB hard drive. This baby is fast – not just all looks and no brains.

But, that isn’t the only thing that’s been going on. There’s been a lot of this in my life…


That’s shiny and pretty, too. Its a BFL-Silk fiber that I’ve been spinning. I’ve been kind of on about silk lately. I’m working on this braid and also some Polwarth Silk from Raven Ridge that I’m hoping will be a sweater. This one I don’t seem to have the best control of – I keep getting little bumpy neps (?) in. I think it could stand some additional prep, but I honestly am not sure what to do with it. The outside of the braid has lots of loose, slightly abraded fiber strands that have pulled away – so do I take those ofF?  I’m leaning that way. Or do I try to spin them in, which is what I have been doing rather clumsily. Then the neps – I pull them out when I see them, but I’m not sure that’s right. I so wish I could find someone to spin with that’s close by. Someone I could ask questions when they occur…

And then there’s this – IMG_0844.jpg

Lately, when I spin or knit he sites up there and observes. I can’t say ‘watch’ because he’s too grave for that. No – he gets that look and it’s like – Nothing to see here – I’m just observing… Snot. 🙂

One thought on “And then there’s this

  1. Love the new toy!!!!

    As for spinning… if they are small I leave’em. If I can tease them out I do. If I miss some, no worries, they barely show when plied and even less when knit.

    And that last… he rules from on high!


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