I’m finally warm!

This was the view from my porch tonight

Yes – I’m sitting on the porch this evening after work spinning….Barefoot. Bliss! Not too hot (76 degrees F). Humid, but with the lower temp, bearable. Clear skies. And I finally felt warm enough to go without socks or a shawl. (The fiber is Dyabolical in color way Jo Rides a Motorbike) It’s supposed to get warmer with a small chance for storms this weekend, but I will continue to try to not complain about the heat.

I did finish spinning that braid – the two bobbins look different but that’s just because of the way the colors came off the braid, nothing special that I did.

So, there will be plying this weekend. I am seriously considering going out to Delafield on Sunday to Knitch for their spinning group meeting. I wish there was somewhere closer, but the local Guild – which meets close by at the Library – only meets during the day on Friday. I still work full time, so that isn’t possible for me. So, if I want to spin with company and hopefully learn then Knitch is it. I will report out if I manage to get there.

One thought on “I’m finally warm!

  1. Isn’t weather that is the right amount of warm wonderful? I got out early today and am hanging on the porch in my hammock. It is lovely, dry and breezy. Allie is asleep up in the soffit. We are happy.


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