Just Spitballin’

That’s what we say when we don’t really have much to talk about, but we want to say something. Could be because we’re bored. Or lonely. Or, like me right now, there’s just something that’s churning and, even though it hasn’t formed yet you got to get something out.

I guess that tonight I’m lonely. I’m homesick. I miss Upstate NY – the only place that has truly felt like my home. I may have been born in WI, but I just don’t feel like it’s my home. I don’t know that I ever did. I was always happier… away.

That photo was taken in Stillwater at one of the Hudson River locks near the Battlefields.

This is Ballston Spa – here I used to live. Looking down the hill from Cunningham’s Laundry. I lived half a block from here in a converted old Vic in the historic district. East High St. I’d load my laundry into my ‘granny grocery cart’ every Sunday and walk over to Cunningham’s. Sometimes, if I was there alone Mr. Cunningham would spot me a couple washes or spins in a dryer. I think he had a crush on me. 🙂 It’s a lovely little town. I’d never lived in a small town before and I loved it instantly. It was truly a place where everyone knew my name.

I often struggle with the idea of moving back, but that would be like trying to capture lightening in a bottle. It was a place, yes, but it was also a time. And the time is what I’ll never be able to recapture.

<sigh> Now I’m a body without a home.


One thought on “Just Spitballin’

  1. I am sad that you are lonely! I know you have friends everywhere, but that’s not always helpful. Having a nearby friend can’t be beat.

    As for moving back and recapturing, you are right, it would not be the same. However! You can move forward to a small town somewhere, in a similar area. It seems like small town living suits you. Though you might miss big city amenities… like grocery delivery!!!

    But hang in there, friend, retirement is coming, when you will be free to move about the world.


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