Dang – I lost it!

Have you ever made something then promptly lost it? Has it ever just twisted your nose? Well that’s how I feel. Mainly because this time I was a good girl. I did the proper steps, in the proper order and dang if it isn’t gone.

My gauge swatch.

I lost it.

I made a nice sized gauge swatch in 3×3 ribbing, which is what the majority of this new top I’m making is knit in. Nice size, about 6″x6″ unblocked. Then, following my instructor’s advice I put it in the wash with the other stuff I would normally wash at that cycle and temp. When I put the stuff into the dryer I completely forgot about it until I was back at work (I work from home, so I try to do laundry on lunch and breaks – it’s usually a nice walk down to the laundry room and back). I figured that, if it came out really bad I could make another. But when I took my clothes out of the dryer it wasn’t there. I folded my t-shirts, but it wasn’t clinging to one of them. I folded my towels, unmentionables, camis – nanda – it wasn’t even hanging onto my microfiber dish cloths – and those suckers stick to EVERYTHING. I was so bothered I walked back down to the laundry room to see if I dropped it but didn’t notice and a big NOPE on that one.

Oh I know I can make another. It’s just the principle of it. It’s like the poor single sock – used to being a couple and now on its own and lonely. Dryers shouldn’t eat clothes.

Or swatches!


Rummage sales anyone?


See those 2 light colored teddy bears on the ends behind that adorable little cat? Those were my catch of the day today. Genuine Vermont Teddy Bears – $2 each. And I’ve been crowing about it ever since!

Why you may ask? What is it about a Vermont Teddy that makes them so special? Well, nothing really. They are really nice, jointed teddy’s, made in Shelburne VT (http://www.vermontteddybear.com/) – well the classic bears still are, they are still hand made – which as a crafter I really appreciate, and the are just really nice bears. Are the valuable? No, not particularly.

So why snap them up like I’ve found the 8th treasure of the world?

The reasons are many and complex but, for now suffice it to say that I just love stuffed animals – nice, good quality stuffed animals. Always have. I remember my brothers tucking me in after story time and piling all my stuffed animals around me in bed. Remember the scene from ET where he was hiding in the closet with all the toys? That was me, in my bed with all my stuffed animals.

My current collection started with a teal colored teddy that my Uncle Russell made for me that had a button in his tummy that played Happy Birthday. I treasure it. Then came a poor little bear that I’m certain is a Steiff, although he has no tags, who was laying in a free box at an antique show in Greenwich, NY. Then there are a couple of Ty bears – Peace and a wizard and one that has Hey Jude (my song) embroidered on his tummy.

When I look at their faces I see their personalities – and, in some I see the people who gave them to me or the circumstances by which I acquired them. And in my 2 new additions I see not only a bargain, but also a fun day spent with my precious niece rummaging.

And isn’t that was a collection really is? It doesn’t represent the object especially, but a memory – of a person or a place or an event. A perfectly preserved little slice of time embodied in that object. Because to collect something you have to have a connection with it – something that makes you love it.

Now I just have to figure out the names of my 2 new family members….